3D Sonography and Twins

Multiple pregnancies are one of the common high-risk pregnancies emanating from assisted reproductive techniques a generic predisposition. A 3D scanning can provide a novel means of visualizing multiple pregnancies in utero ranging from twins. triplets to quadruplets. With specially developed probes the interrelationship and contacts between body parts can be described and high quality images be generated within seconds.

There are various body contact like head-head, body-head, arm-leg. Crowding of fetus in multiple pregnancy increases with advancing age and conditions like stuck twins and papyraceous twinning can be monitored clearly with progressive 3D scanning.

Various modes ranging from transparent to surface mode can be used to clearly visualize the various body parts. Separate placentas and dividing membranes in dichorionic twins can be shown and studied in their entirety. Cord entanglements, locked twins and twin-twin transfusion are conditions that makes multiple pregnancy a high risk pregnancy and 3D ultrasound has shown that it can supplement and surpass 2D scan in evaluating the antihuman contacts and crowding of twins and triplet fetuses in utero.

It is much easier to determine chorionisity in twins in 3D and determination of fetal sex is much reliable as a three dimensional image of the genitals can be shown and understood by parents even though they has very little ultrasound education. What is the sex of this baby is, is it male baby or a baby-girls. Just look well and if you have a problem just call your friend to help you. She may be able to identify it for you. I hope that you and your partner would like to know your baby’s sex as one of the priorities and likes or some of the of those things that makes going through the pregnancy a fun and joy.

SEX determination is easier in twins if they are of different sexes e.g male and female.