3D Ultra Sound during Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be very exciting as much as it can generates anxiety and frustrations to the couple, most fears arise because the baby in utero is intangible and invisible. Most women stand in front of the mirror every morning , imagining how the baby looks like and how big the baby may be but never get a satisfactory answer. The solution is in 3D ultrasound which makes the baby intangible but visible. The first photo of the baby can be framed while the baby is in the mother’s womb. Most women opt for direct recording of the baby on a videotape to ply it again and again with friends and next of kin. Arousal of feeling of been pregnant in the father to be has greatly promoted parental participation in pregnancy care and delivery.

For the past years, Gynaecologist and obstetricians have been limited by technological ceiling in the diagnosis and management of pregnancy. The emergencies of 3d ultrasound came as an absolute solution in the diagnosis, management and identification of fetal parts with some degree of certainty.

The fetal shape, morphology and the entire phenotype can be visualized by both the mother end doctor. In 3d ultrasound give the patient and the examiner a new visual experience in pregnancy. The early development of bonding between the mother and the baby is a significant step in the establishment of mother-child relationship i.e. the relationship starts while the baby is in the mother’s womb.

Some of the concerns of the mother are the fetal sex and the fetal abnormalities.

With 3D scanner one is capable with accuracy to detect the above and reassure the pregnant lady with confidence and reliability.

This novel means of visualizing surface anatomy of human fetus can show fetal face fingers, umbilical cord and other surface structures as early as 12 weeks of pregnancy. The first trimester sonography is most valuable in assessing fetal viability and biometry.

The measurements of the gestational sac and the fetal craw-rump length offer an accurate means of dating the pregnancy and estimating the expected day of delivery.

The advantages of 3Dsonography are never ending and those with personal experience are the ones to tell us more about it.