Baby’s First Week

The following list suggest the very basic supplies needed to care for your baby. If your budget allows, you can add extra items. Buy ahead of time as much as you need to feel prepared and to care for the baby without feeling hassled. Purchase other items as you need them.
Items do not need to be new, just safe and clean. Watch for garage sales, other special sales, or exchange items with family or friends.
Adjust the number needed depending on your laundry facilities.
Avoid buying newborn sizes that your baby quickly outgrows.
· Diapers, washable-3-4 dozen. · Diapers, disposable-12 per day. · Shirts (tie knot or snap)-6-8. · Sleeper, kimonos, nightgowns-4-6. · Pairs of booties or boot-like socks-3. · Sweaters (small)-2. · Waterproof pants-3-4. · Caps (knitted for winter;  brimmed for summer)-1. · Bunting or hooded jacket (winter)-1.
· Receiving blankets-4-5. · Flannel waterproof sheeting-3-4;  4-6 small ones. · Fitted sheets-3-4. · Bumper pad-1. · Lightweight blanket-1. · Quilt or comforter-1.
· Hooded towels-2-3. · Wash cloths-4-6. · Mild soap-1. · Oil or lotion-1. · Baby bathtub (optional)-1.
· Support/nursing bra-3-6. · Bra pads-5-6 (washable;  2-3 dozen disposable. · Breast pump (if working or often away from home)-1.
· Crib/bed/cradle (one that meets safety standards)-1. · Changing table (optional)-1. · Diaper pail with cover-1. · Fever thermometer-1. · Diaper bag for supplies-1. · Infant carrier/car seat (may want to consider loaner or rental programs)-1 · Soft carrier or backpack (optional)-1.
· Rubbing alcohol/cotton balls for cord care-1 bottle/1 package.