Bonding with your Baby

After the birth of your baby, you feel so tire from the labor of birth and joy of having a newborn. You will be bathed and transferred to your room where you will enjoy the pleasure and the benefits of rooming in with your baby. Your baby should be with you within 30 minutes of birth for you to bind easily with him . Sometimes the staff may be busy withother duties, please call one of them and request to see your baby. You must put the baby on the breast as soon as possible. Colostrum (foremilk) is very rich in protective factors called immunoglobulins, they protect the baby for infections and allergies while the vitamins in colostrums enhances your babies growth and development.
We promote and encourage exclusive breast feeding unless there is a valid reason not to do so. Breastfeeding is the best feeding method for your baby. You must breastfeed your babies exclusively for the first 4 months of life then gradually introduce supplementary feeds up to 19 months or more.
This 11 months BABY WAS EXCLUSIVELY BREASTFED UNTIL 4 MONTHS . then the mother introduced otherfeeds while continuing breast feeding until 18 months. She was never bottle-fed and never had a single episode of diarrhea nor allergy

Discuss with your Gynecologist or General Practitioner about infant feeding.