Care of the Newborn


As soon as your baby is born, she/he will be cleared her/his airways to ensure that breathing and crying and sucking is without problems, Then it should be given to you for holding and if possible start breast feeding.

As you are been cleaned the staff should measure her/his head circumference, weight and length and this should be communicated to you.

The sex of your baby should not only be told to you but shown to you to see. Then you and your baby will be put in a in the same room (rooming in ) for as long as you are awake to look after your baby.

During your stay in the hospital you will be shown how to bath, change nappies and care for your baby’s cord. Early signs of problems like Jaundice (yellow discoloration of the skin) will be explained to you.

You are likely to be kept in the hospital for more than 24hours after delivery to observe you and your baby and ensure that you are discharged without any complications and problems.

Complete examination of your baby will be done either by your Gynaecologist or Paediatrician and any problems will be communicated to you.

You must be free to communicate with your caregiver and ask questions about the health of your baby.