Comparative Sonography

It is so fascinating, interesting and jubilating the way the sonographic facial appearance of the baby is exactly a photo image of the real photo soon after birth. A profile of the baby’s looks from forehead to the chin and from cheek to cheek are exactly identical.

The nose, nasion, glabella, philtrum and the vermilion borders if the tiny lips at 38 weeks are exactly similar to those at birth.

In the pictures below are collection of comparative facial sonographic photos with adjoining real camera photos soon after birth. Look at and appreciate the similarities in the sonar picture before birth and the photo of a baby after birth.

Some of the syndromic features are evident soon after birth to enable the doctor to manage the patient accordingly. Previously doctors had to wait for the baby to be born before definitive appreciation of the child’s phenotype can be assessed. Gone are those days With 3D ULTRASOUND we can tell exactly how the looks of the baby are. It is to me very interesting when the mother-to-be and the father-to-be are arguing that the baby looks like the other or the father saying the baby looks like the mother and the mother saying the baby looks like the father.

Scroll down and see this ever-increasing ALBUM of 3D and photo Images. This was possible because of the existence of 3D ULTRASOUND. The first and the only ultrasound that is dedicated to MOTHER and CHILD CARE in South Africa is in POLOKWANE at Medical Chambers, 37A Grobler Street, Polokwane, 0699. Tel 015 295 7770.

Due to demand for this facility they operate on a booking system. The patient (pregnant mother) may book for herself at the above phone-number or submit an electronic booking by clicking the Email ADDRESS below. i.e