High Frequency Ventilation


This is the state of the in the care of the preterm baby. Premature babies are so immature that they cannot on their own control and establish sustained breathing. More so they are unable to extract Oxygen in sufficient amount to keep themselves alive. A high frequency ventilator delivers the air to the babies alveoli in sufficient amount without the danger of rupturing the air sacs. (alveoli).

Our neonatal intensive care unit is equipped with high technology modern equipment to ensure high standard and survival of our babies. Go to section on meet the staff and ask any of the Pediatricians to explain to you mere about his modality of ventilation.

This baby was born prematurely at 28 weeks weighing 980g and with high frequency ventilation went home after seven weeks weighing 2300g.He is now growing and developing well like any other baby.

As the baby grows the settings on the ventilator are set to meet his/her requirements.

The full high frequency ventilation is shown here with a baby warmer above the baby.