Information for You

We are housed in a high class private hospital in PRETORIA. The name of the hospital is MEDFORUM HOSPITAL. It is situated in 412 Schoeman street between du Toit street and Nelson Mandela street. We are in room 405a in the fourth floor of the seven-storey hospital. We prefer to operate on a booking system except in case of emergency. You may make you booking by telephone (012 )322 2445 or (012)322 7777 and make an appointment. If you nave e-mail facility you may make a booking electronically by sending your email at

Your appointment will be confirmed by email or telephone. You may also go to BOOKING section on the main menu of this website and fill in a booking form and submit it. The third option is to print a NEW PATIENT FORM from the BOOKINGS section of the website and fill it to submit it on arrival. This will greatly reduce the delay when you arrive at the consulting rooms.

The picture above shows Our Practice from the eastern side. The hospital has guarded parking place at the basement if the hospital. Ask the security officers at the entrance on where to park and even the way to the lifts and any general information to guide you while in the hospital. Should you wish to have record of your ULTRASOUND you are advised to bring along an empty new VIDEO CASSETTE to record you ULTRASOUND IMAGES to view at your own leisure at home with your family and friends. Photos of ultrasound like the one below may be given on request.

We also specialize in video endoscopy for infertility workup and treatment. Digital Colposcopy for assessment and management of precancerous lesions of the female reproductive organs, Infertility, Gynaecology and Obstetrics and pregnancy care.

A well-woman clinic provide information, general checkup and screening for ailments for women. Always prepare your questions and the way to present your problems to us, do not hesitate to ask any question, no matter how unimportant you may think it is. We will always be at ease to help you.

Be patient with other patients in the waiting area, some patient’s consultations take a considerable long time while some come as emergencies, which might be prioritized over you.

As you already know, medical aids do not cover infertility, you will be expected to pay in cash for infertility investigations and treatments.

Medical aids pay only two ultrasounds during pregnancy though it will be substandard to do only two sonar for the entire pregnancy – we will not compromise the standard of care in abeyance of the medical aid rules, any additional ultrasound done on you will be charged to you to pay for.