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The pride of every woman is in her ability to breastfeed her baby.

This website is dedicated to all women throughout the world. It is intended to help them in understanding their bodies Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology and Psychology. After many years working with female illnesses it took more than years deciding what needs to be done to millions of mothers and mothers to-be in order to enable them to enjoy their femininity to the outmost. However these web pages are not intended to substitute consultation, examination and management by a trained doctor. It is made to enable readers to understand various common GYNAECOLOGICAL and OBSTETRICS conditions and seek help from their caregivers as early as possible.

I deliberately omitted treatment options, as these are left for a trained professionals to prescribe after thorough examination and investigation. I thus emphasize that one should refrain from self-diagnosis and treatment and consult those who are trained and took an oath to do so.


Not all conditions affecting the females are covered in this site but an attempt has been to try and cover the common ones. A web page is a continuous process and will change with advances in medical science, regular updates will be done continuously with addition of some text and deletion of others.

My sincere gratitude are directed to all those who helped and encouraged me in compiling the site, My wife, Children and Secretarial staff who took several hours to prepare and type the scripts. I will appreciate meaningful comments and criticisms as encouragement to make this site more meaningful to those it is intended for.

3D Sonography came to South Africa for the first time in the year 2000. That make me give it a label “millennium technology” an has revolutionized patient care, especially Pregnancy care and female Gynaecological investigation, Management and Monitoring.

We at Our Practice offer service to various specialties under different disciplines, the first discipline to enjoy the luxury of 3D ULTRASOUND is Obstetrics and Gynaecology .We have first hand experience in witnessing the accuracy, and clarity of the 3D VOLUSON SONAR.

3D ULTRASOUND SCREENSAVERS may be downloaded free of charge from the website. These screensavers are predominantly about babies in the mother’s womb.

We operate on a booking system and prefer not to be out of schedule except in cases of emergency where life comes before the profession. It is advisable to book per phone and book your appointment with our ever smiling, welcoming and charming frontline staff (meet them in the section meet the team and section on Rooms). Facilities for e-mail bookings are provided as or via a telephone (012) 322 7777 OR 322 2445 this are hotline numbers with three open lines and hunting facilities. To avoid delay and long waiting time before consultation. An on-line form may be filled and submitted electronically via Internet, you may print the new patient form and fill it before coming to us. This form can be opened from the section on Bookings.

To broaden the scope of this site various relevant links have been created for you to get other view about various illnesses. Keep visiting this site to see the updates and newer contents relevant to females especially the reproductive system.

A sitemap of our location is provided and may be printed from you computer to be used as a guide. A telephonic guide may be obtained from our offices at:

Medical Chambers,
37A Grobler Street,
Polokwane Central,
Polokwane, 0699

Tel: 015 295 7770