Making Babies

Why God Made Women.

Sigmund Freud, the famous psychiatrist wrote extensively about women suffering from “penis envy” but it seems much more likely that men have reason to envy women their ability to carry and to have babies. There can be nothing on earth that is more special.


The physiology of conception and fertility is fascinating. Here is a simplified description of the process.

The Ovary.
The ovaries are the egg factories. During each cycle an egg develops in a fluid filled blister in one of the ovaries. The egg is released from the ovary 14 days before the onset of the next period.

The Tube.

The egg is caught up by the end of the tube and travels slowly along the inside of the tube towards the womb.

The Semen.

If the woman has sex at the time, her partner will deposit his semen in the vagina near the neck of the womb. The semen contains millions of little sperms, which swim through the cervix into the womb and along the tubes.
The first one that gets to the egg in the tube will fertilize the egg and join its genetic material with that of the egg.
For the sperms to swim from the neck of the womb all the way through the cervix, across the womb and along the tube is like you or I having to swim the English Channel. The winner of the race gets to be the “king” that fertilizes the “queen”. The fertilized egg, which we now call a zygote, continues its journey along the tube to the womb.

The Womb.

Once it gets into the womb it finds a nice spot and burrows its way into the juicy lining, which has been prepared for it. There, the tiny cluster of cells starts dividing and growing and in time becomes a brand new person waiting to be born.

If conception does not occur during a particular cycle, the lining inside the womb breaks down and comes out as the period. Nature is ever hopeful and the whole process is repeated the following month. This is called menstruation.