Pre-Delivery Preparations

When pregnant and about 30 weeks pregnant, you must make-up your mind on issues such as:
Where you want to deliver. Ask your caregiver which hospitals does he work and choose one of them. Most caregivers use more than one hospital for the convenience of their patients. You and your partner should give yourselves sometime to visit the maternity units to these hospitals before taking a decision on one of them. On arrival at the hospital, introduce yourself and ask the nursing staff in the maternity ward that you would like to take a tour through their maternity unit.

They will gladly take through the unit and during this tour, take note of qualities such as friendliness, attitude, cleanliness of the place and some of the qualities that you regard as important to you and do ask questions. You are the client and you should be satisfied that you like to give birth to your loving child at this unit. Most clinics have very high standard care to satisfy their patients.

Some of the equipments like the one above will be of such technical nature and high standard that they may not be familiar to you- please do ask questions if you feel curious to know- they will always be glad to assist and explain to you.

After making up your mind and decided o the hospital you want to deliver. Let your caregiver know about it so that bookings can be made. Do not forget to inform your medical aid that you are pregnant and you will be delivering at such and such hospital in the near future and verify that you have sufficient funds to cover your delivery expenses.

We routinely take our patient through the maternity unit before they are 30 weeks pregnant.

We also provide a full 3D scanning during antenatal visits Mothers to be are advised to bring along empty video cassettes to record their scans. In 3D scan a picture of your baby is as clear as the one above. Always let your husband or boyfriend accompany you for prenatal classes and scanning.