The Expectations of Success by In-Vitro Fertilization

You have suffered a silent infection that has blocked your fallopian tubes. After two major surgical procedures, with all their inconveniences and discomfort, the tubes remain closed. Your doctor says that you will never have a child. IVF (in vitro fertilization) does exist.

You undergo a tubal sterilization after completing early childbearing. Later, a child dies, or you remarry, or for other reasons you want another child. Most of your tubes have been tied away by the earlier sterilization. Your doctor says it is impossible for you to have another child. IVF does exist.


You discover that the husband’s sperm are of poor quality. After many fruitless attempts at treatment, including failed varicocele surgery, and fertility drugs and inseminations of the wife, your doctor says nothing more can be done. ICSI (intracyplasmic sperm injection) does exist.

You are a man who had a vasectomy, and now 15 years later wishes to father additional children. Vasectomy -reversal surgery is performed and fails. Perhaps you are bold enough to undergo a repeat operation. It either fails again, or results in the reappearance of some poor quality sperm in the ejaculate. Medical inseminations and fertility drugs treatment are ineffective. Your doctor says that he has nothing more to offer. , ICSI and NSA (non-surgical sperm aspiration) do exist.

You are a woman who had failed to conceive naturally at age 38. Testing indicates that you are closer to menopause than typical for your chronological age. Medical insemination are unsuccessful. Your doctor says you came to him too late for help. Donor egg therapy does exist.

You are a man or a woman with the early onset of cancer. You must have chemotherapy to save your life. Your oncology and primary physician agree that such treatment will results in permanent sterilization. You survive the cancer, but your doctor cannot help you to have children. ovarian cryopreservation, sophisticated sperm cryopreservation, and ICSI do exist.

You and your spouse have had 2 boys, and you want to have a girl as your third child. You either defer having the third child, or you go ahead and accept a 50% probability of another son after your doctor correctly advises you that you will conceive a daughter. In 1979, Microsoft does not exist.