What do Women want during Pregnancy

Every woman throughout her pregnancy would like to be reassured that all is well with the pregnancy. There are various ways of doing this with some limitations. 3D ULRASOUND has made it possible to provide evidence to the r mother by showing comprehensive pictures to both mother and father irrespective of their level of understanding of ultrasonography.


Every woman in pregnancy would like to be loved and cared for. That is why at our 3D scanning sessions we provide ultimate modesty and compassion at the same time being interactive in order to involve the couple in the scanning process. We let them identify parts by themselves and only provide guidance where necessary. We do allow the pregnant mothers to ring along their blank VIDEO-CASSETES to record the whole scanning procedure. This provide them with permanent record of their pregnancy and are able to play it back at home and enjoy viewing it with their loved ones.

Husbands need to understand that accompanying their wives to antenatal check-ups and being present during scanning sessions is ways of showing concern and involvement in the pregnancy and women although not vocalizing, they enjoy it so much. It is a way of showing you love to her. We encourage that husbands should attend all pregnancy related medical consultations with their wives. Women need and appreciate to be told that they are love, during their pregnancy. A hug and a kiss with a word of apreciacion from the spouse is more healing for the discomfort of been pregnant. Husbands also need to be told that they are loved and should be invited for antenatal classes, antenatal visits amd delivery.

FOR ANTENATAL-CLASSES AND PRE-DELIVERY CLASSES PLEASE PHONE 015 295 7770 and ask them about the times and dates for these free antenatal classes for you and your spouse. During this lessons you will meet many husbands and wives in similar condition as you and you will have the opportunity to share experiences and make new friends. Ms DIANE WILLIAMS the matron and antenatal class teacher and co-coordinator has immense experience in pregnancy and birth (from as an experienced midwife and teacher and as a mother ) will share with you some of the topics that you need to cover before you give birth.

During labour and birth every woman needs a birth companion, this may be a caring midwives, a husband, a next of kin or a friend. The pains of labor are psychologically shared with the birth companion. This should be discussed with you caregiver during antenatal attendances.
Imagine you and you sweetie viewing your unborn baby like in the picture below.

It is your rights and privileges to be told end educated by your caregiver about your pregnancy. Be sure that you and your husband have visited the maternity unit of the hospital you are going to confine in. Meet the nursing staff and see the place. They will only be glad to meet you before you deliver. This greatly reduces the anxiety of meeting a strange face at a strange environment for the first time during labour and delivery. These pre delivery tours to the maternity unit can be done on your own spare-time with your husband and friends, e.g. Sunday after noon as an outing and site seeing moment. All you do is to identify yourself as DR X .s patient and would like to be taken through the maternity unite before you come and deliver. You may also ask your caregiver to arrange these tours for you. We routinely take our patients through the whole unit at about 28 weeks of their pregnancy.